7 Best Examples of Effective Email marketing

7 Best Examples of Effective Email marketing

If you’re anything like me, you have lost count of the Email Newsletters you are currently subscribed to.

But if you’re really like me, you also appreciate well designed Emails once in a while.

Email Marketing has been one crucial component of a marketeer’s Digital Marketing strategy and often, after a lot of efforts, many marketeers fail to do it right.

Here is a list of 7 Beautiful Email Newsletters that have caught my attention in the quest to find good Email Marketing strategies.

1. Nike

About this introductory Email Newsletter by Nike, I like how concise and intention-focused everything is. It practically has all the elements needed for a good Email Newsletter.

Source: Beautiful Email Newsletters

Call-to-action, CHECK. Well Organized, CHECK. Visually Scannable, CHECK.

The colour scheme is another thing that was brilliantly used. They have kept their core colours (Black and white) intact while going for a vibrant Tangerine for Call-to-action button.

2. Google Play

This fun Welcome Email from Google Play Store is easily one of the best Email Newsletters I found on the internet today. Notice how they have clearly stated the purpose of the Newsletter in the first line.

Source: HTML Email Gallery

Some key elements that need to be noticed here are:

Multiple Call-to-Action buttons for multiple products. Perfect design theme (which is actually their own design theme). That clearly visible unsubscribe button in the end of this email.

It is not only against the CAN-SPAM regulations to not include the unsubscribe button, but making it more prominent gives a sense of security to customers.

3. Pandora

Notice how they have maintained the musical feel in their Newsletter as well. You can practically feel the sound of those colours.

Source: Really Good Emails

It is always a good option to engage your customers with what they might get from your product later. Pandora did an excellent job in adding the screenshots and like, dislike buttons in the Newsletter itself.

They have also added their social media links in the footer which has made easier for their customers to reach them and know more about them.

4. Headspace

I absolutely love this one because of everything they did with the colour scheme and animations.

Source: Really Good Emails

A good marketing Newsletter is the one that doesn’t quite market itself and this Email Newsletter does exactly the same.

They not just ask you to join the “SESSION 2” but also add value by providing some of their tips for meditation, that too, in such a creative and easily understandable manner.

Everything on point. Call-to-action buttons, Social Media shareable links, Design scheme.

5. Starbucks

This newsletter from Starbucks covers a lot of information: instructions for the pour-over method, a call-to-action to shop for a new product, recipes for summer floats, and so on.

Source: Beans N’ Rice

To make this more easily scannable, the folks at Starbucks paired these short descriptions with high quality images. (You can practically hear the coffee being poured over ice in the first image.)

In addition, I really liked how they incorporated the Pinterest logo and the Instagram logo alongside two of the calls-to-action. These logos support the text by setting the recipient’s expectation up front. In other words, they know that clicking through to browse more recipes will ultimately direct them to Pinterest.

6. Marvel Blog

Could this BE any simpler than this? (Imagine Chandler)

Source: Really Good Emails

Segregating every column from another and making the newsletter easily scannable done absolutely on point.

I really liked how they promoted a variety of their products and services by adding a Call-to-Action button for every column. Besides, they also provided a personal touch by adding a column “What we’re reading this week?”

7. Uber

Selling nothing and still selling everything is what Uber has been doing since they came into business. They haven’t disappointed us even in this Email Newsletter.

Source: HTML Email Gallery

Adding a map and a glimpse of what they do to the Newsletter helps customers immediately connect with them.

I like how they have kept it very short and crisp with the least amount of text.

Infact, to make it evident that they have improvised, The appropriate Call-to-Action button says “See What’s New”.

Have you also come across any amazing Newsletters in your inbox? Let us know!

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