11 Twitter Marketing Tips Every Business Needs to Apply in 2017

11 Twitter Marketing Tips Every Business Needs to Apply in 2017

Secrets of Twitter Marketing that you need to know right now!

Twitter isn’t as easy as it sounds, but all the buzz about it being a great platform to leverage your marketing strategies is right. I can produce a list of people who got big from their Twitter.

Twitter is one platform your business can’t afford to not be on. It is, hands down, the most effective way to connect with influencers around the globe.

Apart from the basic functionality that Twitter provides, there exist some lesser known features (or strategies, if you may) which, if incorporated, can give your business profile an edge over the others.

As I learnt more about Twitter strategies, I have compiled a list that I am sure you’ll find valuable.

You’ll find some interesting tools too. Make sure to take a note of them. Cheers!


  1. Use Trending Hashtags the smarter way!

You cannot succeed without using trending Hashtags. No-brainer, really.

I know you know that it is important to tweet with the trending Hashtags in order to get more visibility.

But sometimes the trend isn’t in our favour. Our niche doesn’t allow us to post with those Hashtags.

Well, with a little creativity you can definitely use the Hashtag to your advantage (and create a witty tweet that everybody loves to read!)

Here’s how we tried to use a Hashtag that didn’t match our niche:

2. Tweet like a Pro with Twitter Cards

There is so much Twitter offers but isn’t very widely used (or used but less known to us)

A Twitter Card is a secret way of adding more text and images to your tweet while staying within the character limit. By adding a few lines of HTML code to your website, you can set up twitter cards for yourself that travel along with your website link.

Here’s how Google Cloud uses Twitter cards :

Notice that there is no link in the description (that means the link isn’t using up the character limit) and there still is a clickable preview of the website.

You can validate any link’s Twitter Card preview through Card Validator by Twitter.

There is much more to Twitter Cards, you get to choose from a variety of cards depending on your content.

Here’s what Twitter Developers have to say about Twitter Cards.

3. Use Advanced Search by Twitter

Frankly, I never knew such a feature existed before I read about it. But now I wish I knew it earlier.

Go and checkout Twitter Advanced Search if you haven’t already!

One of the best things about Twitter Advanced Search is that it lets you find conversations happening in real time and participate in them.

Like you could really find tweets that talk about “Cheesecake” on a particular date in your particular area. (Priorities!)

4. Geolocation

What? You don’t use Geolocation feature much in your twitter? I am already judging you big time.

But if you’re reading this, you get a pass.

The most obvious reasons for using Geolocation is to connect with your local competitors. But you can also use it to find competitors in a particular location! Here’s how:

MyGeoPosition.com is a web application where you can find coordinates for any location.

Head over to the site and type an address of your choice.

Once you get the exact coordinates, click on the Copy(x,y) button to copy the coordinates and log in to your Twitter.

After you log into your Twitter account, go to the search box and do the following:

  1. Type “geocode:” (without the quotation marks)
  2. Paste in the latitude value that you copied from MyGeoPosition.com.
  3. Finally, type a comma and enter a radius value in mile (mi) or kilometer (km)

Woila! You can interact with people, tweets and media posted from that particular location!

5. Follow Friday (#FF)

Next Friday, try tweeting with the Hashtag #FF to get attention from the massive Follow Friday users.

Follow Friday is a concept used by Twitter population to recommend other profiles to their followers. While there is no guarantee that your profile will get a recommendation, people who religiously use this strategy may follow you back.

6. Do you Recycle your Content?

What do you do with all that content on your twitter feed? Well, I have found a Marketing friendly way, Recycle them!

It is possible to add your favourite tweets into the Recycling queue so that your content is regularly re-shared with your followers keeping the engagement and visibility at the top.

SocialOomph is one interesting tool to automate the recycling process. Let us know your experience with the tool in comments!

7. Twitter Hashtag Analytics

Want to know which Hashtags work and which don’t?

Here’s a free tool Keyhole, that gives you Twitter Hashtag insights related to the number of Posts, Users, Reach and Impressions.

8. Embedded Tweets

If you want your tweet to reach a larger audience, it is a great idea to embed your tweets in your blog posts and websites. This can be done by clicking on that downwards arrow in the right corner of the tweet and clicking on “Embed Tweet”.

Simply copy the code from there and embed it in your website code.

Here’s one of my tweets embedded,

9. Always Shorten your URLs!

Here’s the difference:

This is NOT COOL.


This is COOL!

Bitly is a link shortener and tracking website which can easily become your favourite tool to use. Why would anyone want to post a link that isn’t even completely visible?

10. Use all 160 Characters of Twitter Bio

Twitter Bio is one place that offers more than standard 140 character limit. Optimizing Twitter Bio to make your profile look interesting, welcoming, basically, worth following.

Go all out with your Bio. Make it humorous, tell people what you believe in, give social proofs, your success stories.

Whatever you do, don’t let it be boring. Refrain from using over exploited buzzwords.

11. Media is your friend

Finally, know that visual content has the highest chances of upvotes. People love visual content, everywhere!

Twitter allows you to share upto 4 images in a single tweet.

You can use it as an opportunity to add more text than just 140 characters You can practically write a whole book in those 4 images!

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