Content marketing and Why You should Invest in it | Silly Branding

Content marketing and Why You should Invest in it | Silly Branding

Content Marketing and Why you should Invest in it

The rise of interactive technology has altered customer interaction with their brands in the most surreal way. Customers today have a huge appetite for good content and information; they delve into various online research before associating themselves with a brand, hence, escalating the need for brands to generate palatable and ubiquitous content.

Content marketing is, therefore, a buzz in the online media today. It is stated as an inherent backbone of digital marketing because content influences almost every other online strategy.

Before I stepped into the world of digital marketing, I associated content marketing with blogs, viral videos, and memes as any naïve prospect would; but it is much more than just blogs. Way more!

So, what exactly is content marketing?

As stated by the content marketing institute:

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

Content marketing is not about haphazard posts on social media; it’s carefully thought and executed striking content that doesn’t explicitly promote but instead tells a compelling story about the brand for customers to identify themselves with.

It is thus, relating with customers in the most intimate manner such that prospects associate the brand with themselves without being explicitly told to.

“Content marketing is a diverse, complex channel that works beautifully, for both massive corporations and bootstrapped startups alike. And while it works for everyone, it also works differently for everyone.”

Zomato offers one of the finest examples of content marketing; striking all the right chords. They have impeccable social media presence with quirky and personalised content.

How can you avoid something that is this creative? I certainly can’t.

Needless to say, Zomato has nailed in the arena of Content Marketing with quick wits and friendly quirks.

Here’s one more example that’ll tickle your funny bone.

Hence, to resonate with the audience, personalising content is indispensable to content marketing.

Content marketing has many advantages. While creative and valuable content is necessary, content needs to be audience-centric and consistent. Here are some benefits that make content marketing essential to any business, big or small.

  • Brand Awareness: Creating and curating valuable information about your brand will accentuate your brand presence. People build impressions in mind. If they find your content helpful and influential, they’ll trust your brand and may also generate awareness amongst their friends and family; proliferating more and more customers.
  • Improved SEO: Google believes in fresh and user generated content. Content with relevant keywords and keyword-rich inbound links can improve search engine rankings; as quality content is identified with optimised keywords, structure, and freshness.
  • Drives Traffic: Hosting your content on social media makes it an easier reach for people. If people find your content of exceptional value, they might end up sharing the content, inadvertently increasing your followers and as a result, increased social media traffic.
  • Increased conversion potential: Building trust with quality content builds affiliation towards the brand hence, increases consumer loyalty. Consumers then, are more likely to purchase from the company they have inculcated their loyalties in.
  • Cost Effective: Content marketing costs only time. It’s incredibly cost-effective and yields valuable returns.

As daunting as it may appear at first, it’s only going to bring out the creative you! Let’s embark :D!


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